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1. Broadbent, Vinho Verde, Portugal NV- $14.99

(Pictured far left)

As soon as we started pouring this wine by the glass, I knew it would be a summer favorite. The wine boasts bright citrus flavors and shines a glassy green hue just as the name suggests. Bottled in a multi-vintage, multi-varietal fashion, the Broadbent Vinho Verde (which translates to Green Wine) is named for the region, rather than the varietals from which it's made. It encapsulates all that is true and good in the summertime with its quintessential Vinho Verde effervescence. After learning it retails under $20 a bottle, you need not feel guilty for opening one...or two bottles... while enjoying the end of the season. Twist the capsule, sit back, and enjoy! Mas Vinho Por Favor!

2. La Spinetta, "Il Nero di Casanova Rosé,"

Tuscany, Italy 2021- $26.99

(Pictured second left)

My love of Italian wines has no boundaries. Over fifty different selections crowd the shelves at SOMM Wines, and for a good reason- Italian wines must properly represent not only the region from which they hail, but also the varietal. Whereas the United States can feel like the Wild West of winemaking, Italian vintners are steeped in tradition and formality. This furthers their stellar reputation and also guarantees the flavors in a glass. This rosé from La Spinetta is a classic example. Comprised from 50% Prugnolo Gentile and 50% Sangiovese, this blushing beauty has the structure and acidity of a Sangiovese blend with the round femininity of pink perfection. It tastes of citrus, specifically orange peel, trademark Tuscan rose petal, and finishes dry.

3. Illahe Vineyards, "Cap Fizz," Willamette Valley, Oregon NV- $29.99

(Pictured center bottle)

Now, imagine if the first two wines had a baby! Strangely, that is a great way to describe the third wine in our summer favorites- Cap Fizz. It is sparkling, rosé, multi-vintage, and multi-varietal. To quote the winemaker, it drinks like "seeing a rainbow behind a waterfall." Sounds pretty perfect. What's marvelous about this sparkling wine is it really does hit on all cylinders. It's feels light, refreshing, uplifting... almost a cathartic experience. Also available at SOMM Wines by the glass, this fizz is great to pair with our cheese and charcuterie board and Breadtopia Breadbasket.

4. G.D. Vajra, "CLARÉ J.C." Nebbiolo, Langhe, Italy 2021- $29.99

(Pictured second right)

This is not your average Nebbiolo! Vajra goes old school by introducing carbonic maceration to the winemaking process- an addition that both speeds up fermentation and captures a newfound freshness from Nebbiolo. By adding CO2 to the grapes before being crushed, fermentation begins intracellularly (within each individual grape.) Before you think this is Vajra going mad scientist on you, think again! This is actually a time-honored tradition in Italy. 100 years ago, most Nebbiolo was produced in this way. Light, bright, and ready for immediate consumption. Its tart cranberry/strawberry fruit is balanced beautifully with soft tannins and a subtle spritz. For those who feel red wines are too bold for summer, try this Nebbiolo. You will change your mind!

5. Jan Matthias Klein, "Little Red Riding Wolf," Spätburgunder,

Mosel, Germany 2019- $39.99

(Pictured far right)

Continuing that fuzzy feeling, this rockstar Spätburgunder (German for Pinot Noir) from JMK, a pioneer in the natural wine movement, introduces a different kind of spritz. Jan's hands-off approach allows the grape to shine, not the cellar work. He uses only native yeasts coming in on the grape bunches to activate spontaneous fermentation. There is no fining or filtering his juice. No Sulphur added at bottling, which he does by hand! Because a few particles of active yeast remain in the bottle, the lift is apparent on first taste. Just a slight tickle that accentuates the perfect amount of acidity in the wine. Flavors of raspberry and blueberry move into a savory whole cluster finish. Sip. Savor. Repeat!

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