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  Anyone who has met me knows I am a HUGE John Cusack fan. 

The height of my crush was in the late 1990's.  He was at the peak of his acting career...and single!   My college roommates and I were such dedicated future-girlfriends that some nights before bed, we would kiss our poster of John, featured in the film Grosse Point Blank,

and whisper "goodnight."  Sorry ladies, the cat is so out of the bag.

I'll make it up to you.


  Another favorite John Cusack movie of ours is High Fidelity. 

His character Rob, a constant flirt and reluctant record shop owner,

tries to win back his current ex-girlfriend throughout the movie. 

While pursuing his ex, he decides to visit his Top 5 ex-girlfriends of all time. 

It's raw, accurate, and lovely.  Did I mention the soundtrack kicks ass?! 


  Right about now, you're saying, "Krista, what does this have to do with wine?" 

It's simple.  John's character Rob constantly creates his lists of Top 5...

Top 5 songs for the day, Top 5 records of all time, and Top 5 worst breakups. 

It's his way to categorize and I guess quantify his own history. 

In the end of the film, he creates a record label called Top 5 Records. 

I'm creating Top 5 Wines. 

Each month, I will introduce my Top 5. 

It may be by varietal, country, or producer. Read and find out.

Maybe I'll even discuss an ex-boyfriend or two?! Probably NOT.



September 2022


   Cooler temperatures mean several things here in the Midwest.  The kiddos are back in school, the leaves are beginning to fall, and your sports team is probably already a huge disappointment this season.  What is not a total letdown is the pleasure center in your brain firing up its "Red Wine Please" sensor.  We have so enjoyed our cold, crisp Summer whites, but now it's time to get down to business... and by that, I mean the business of structured, layered, boastful reds.  Here are my Top 5 Red Wines for Fall, before it disappears right into the blistering cold of Winter.

1. Domaine Drouhin Oregon, "Dundee Hills,"

Dundee Hills, Oregon 2019- $45.99

  Pinot Noir and sweater weather go hand and hand.  Dark brambly fruits intertwined with crisp acidity- the wine almost mimics the slight chill in the rustled air.  Established in 1987, The Drouhin family was welcomed with open arms by other growers in the Willamette Valley due to their outstanding reputation in Burgundy, France.  Already well-known for creating world-class Pinot Noir abroad, Robert Drouhin planted 235 acres of pristine Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, later handing the ropes over to his daughter Veronique, as winemaker or "protector of the Drouhin palate," as she's known in France.  Son Phillipe manages the vineyards not only in Oregon, but also Burgundy. This allows consistency in the brand, and in the farming of the land with biodynamic and sustainable practices.  This Pinot Noir drinks way beyond its years.  An underbelly of intense dark fruits leads to a long, clean finish.  A perfect combination of New World fruit meets Old World terroir.  

2. Broc Cellars, "Love Red," North Coast, California 2021- $25.99


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