On the first Friday night

of each month, 

the town square of Fairfield, Iowa

showcases the talents of 

local and visiting artists,

while retailers keep their shop doors

open to customers.


On March 6th,

SOMM Wines will feature

a spectacular wine tasting,

from 5-8 p.m.


the artistry of wine; 

beginning in the vineyard

and ending in your glass....

What a journey!

Many artists have a hand in creating

these wonderful wines.

The farmers who grow the grapes,

the winemakers who orchestrate

the vinification process, and

the proprietors who believed in

the dream at the 



We will walk you through

each wine, highlighting what 

makes them so special!

SOMM Wines 

is proud to display beautiful art from

locals Ruth and Jeff Moses, entitled

"Fine Wine Paintings"

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